Armidillon is an armored humanoid found mostly in the Bastion Dam and The Facility in Mercenary Kings.

                         Back storyEdit

Armidillon was a circus purformer who joined CLAW and is now an evil pyschopath in a heavily armored suit.

           Strategy/Attack Format.Edit

When fighting Armidillon he will pause for a few seconds then curl up into a ball and roll at the player.This attack does Medium-High amounts of damage to player's first encountering Armidillon, it is best just to jump over this attack to avoid unneccesary damge.

                   Loot Drops.Edit

Armidillon's drop  Ceramic mostly and are a good source for it for low level players.The only elemental Armidillon uses Cryogenic attacks and has higher HP these ones ussually drop leather and sometimes Quality Aramid but very rarely drop Quality Ceramic which is a very rare material.

             Themed GunsEdit

Players can make a gun made from Armidillons pieces called the Armidillo Shot which is a shotgun comprising of a Reicever and Barrel.


  • Armidillon is named after Armidillo's because of his rolling attacks.
  • Armidillon was joked to be called Fatso by the dev team but this was cut.
  • Armidillon's back story makes is strange as he is supposed to be an ex-circus performer who turned evil but in the game you meet multiple Armidillon's which mean he might have been cloned through  a Mandrake breeding process for the back story to make sense.