Bluebell via the Transciever

Bluebell is the doctor of Camp Crown. She is an associate of Dr. Neil before his kidnapping.

Bluebell's RoleEdit

While at Camp Crown, Bluebell provides upgrades to the player called "Mods ", which can be built and equipped to add new abilities to your character.

On the field, Bluebell can be contacted via transciever to send a First Aid Kit drop box to your location for 3 battery points. 


  • "T-Bone makes little plates of catfood for Kitten! Isn't that nice?"
  • "Have you checked your Status screen? It tells you about which mods you have. It's handy!"
  • "I've seen a lot of Mandrake creatures in the jungle. How could CLAW be making so many?"
  • "I go through two notepads a day. Lots of calculating. Schematics. I write poems once in a while."