Bobby Ryack on the Transciever

Bobby Ryack is the helicopter pilot for Camp Crown and the Mercenary Kings. He is located on the top right of the map next to his companion, Choppy, the Helicopter.

Bobby's RoleEdit

Bobby is the pilot who can take you to a mission after you've selected it from Col. B. Tasker.

When on a mission, Bobby can be contacted via the transciever to pick you up and take you back to camp crown, ending the mission.


  • "I like chewing gum."
  • "Miss Zero and I talk a bunch. I guess it's because we both like being up in the air so much."
  • "Lotsa back and forth between the jungle and the Dam! Choppy and I don't mind though!"
  • "It's always good seeing you! Either we have a good chat or helicopter ride. Good times!"