Doomsday Harrier

Doomsday Harrier


Neutral + Incendiary

Strong vs:
Cryo/Incendiary -50%, Electric -20%

Weak vs:
Caustic +10%


A flying boss with multiple attack modes.

Attack Modes

  • Jet turbines burning downwards
  • Underside Turrets soothing in half-circle pattern
  • Flying accross the battlefield sky while dropping giant bombs
  • Landing left side of ground and flying to right side
  • On low health the Doomsday Harrier drops down to middle of battlefield and Baron starts shooting grenades on the ground


  • C : Doomsday Pod
  • U : Doomsday Plate
  • R : Afterburner
  • M : Doomsday Plate (Mission : The Baron Battle!)
  • M : Afterburner (Mission : The Baron Battle!)

C= Common, U= Unlikely, R=Rare, M= Mission

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