Dr neil

Dr neil

A buff and form of Dr. Neil. He is the final boss to defeat in order to beat the game (General, Live and Let Die). His level is the smallest in the game and one of the easiest to get to. He has only one location and will not teleport.

Hit points (68000) -Solo

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Weaknesses-Incendiary (Fire)


Once defeated, he loses control and mutates into a massive blob of black flesh with his heart exposed. He is capable of levitation, and shoots laser beams, seeds, and small blood-based explosives.



Have your armor upgraded and put on bionic mods (Cure and Turtle Shell+). Also don't forget to stock up on health packs and rations. In his second form he can only be damaged when his heart is showing. Stick close to the middle to avoid his sweep attacks and then fire at his heart when it's showing. The best weapon to put on is anything with Missile ammo and/or Incendiary rounds. 

Use Dodger+ to easily roll back left and right, and he can not touch you in any form.