Incendiary Raid Rover

Incendiary Raid Rover


Neutral + Incendiary

Strong vs:
Cryo/Incendiary -50%, Electric -20%

Weak vs:
Caustic +10%


A assault tank with hydralic cockpit lift. Damage can be dealt only directly to pilot or fuel tanks behind and has a higher HP pool.

Attack Modes

  • Moving towards player
  • Jumping
  • Shooting 2 small bullets and 1 Large
  • Moves to center, cockpit rises upwards and then shoots Leftside downwards / Down / Rightside downwards afterwards retracts back to ground.


  • C : Leaf Spring
  • U : Track Plate
  • R : Gun Igniter
  • M : Gun Igniter (Mission : Armored Guardians)

C= Common, U= Unlikely, R=Rare, M= Mission

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