King. One of the two playable characters

The male starting character for the Mercenary Kings. He was one of the only surviving members brought back to life with the Mandragora formula.


KING Super Infantry Expert Laconic and cool under pressure, King is the mercenary you want for your high-risk missions.Early in his military career, he knew there was nothing better than being his own boss. Along with Empress and other key personnel, he co-founded the paramilitary action & rescue team-for-hire: Mercenary Kings! His “Super Advanced Infantry Training” has led him all over the globe — because there’s always a world-domination plot to diffuse. Never heard of such a cleanup crew? Of course you haven’t — secret missions are just that, but King prefers the anonymity. Satisfied by a mission well won, he’s more of the sit-back-and-smile brand of mercenary, content with cozying up with a crossword in celebration (done in ink,, indicating massive confidence).

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