Miss Zero on the transciever

Miss Zero is a support character for the Mercenary Kings. She is a communications officer who is not located at Camp Crown, however she is communicated to through a "The Iron Prince", a pink robot next to the large satelites in the top center of camp.

Miss Zero's RoleEdit

While in Camp Crown, she can change your game settings from offline mode to public mode, where you can play with friends by inviting them, or play publicly.

When in game mode, she can be contacted via the transciever to teleport you back to the beginning of a stage for 1 Battery Point.

Miss Zero's QuotesEdit

  • "Someone in this camp liks to hug the Iron Prince when no one's looking! But I won't tell!"
  • "T-Bone wants to send me up home-made food! He's so NICE!"
  • "Lotta activity at the old POW camp. CLAW is cooking up something..."
  • "I'm not seeing any talk about Dr. Neil in the communication streams. Hope we can find him..."