POW Camp map with Crate Locations + Missions Crates ContentEdit

POW Camp map with all Crate Locations shown and numbered.

Note: Blue crates are Mission Specific crates. Same letters are the same content.

POW Camp Crates

Missions in POW Camp mapEdit

Recruit Save Ironside! / Raw Material / Steel Soldier / The Snitch
Private Breakthrough / Bridge Failure
Lieutenant Battery Camp

Crates Content:Edit

POW Camp

Save Ironside!


Battery Camp

Raw Material

The Steel Soldier

The Snitch

Bridge Failure

Crate 1 Copper Tungsten Brass Copper
2 Lithium Glass Sulfuric Acid Lithium
3 Aluminum Lead Steel Aluminum
4 Fabric Glass Tungsten Polymer
5 Steel Lead Steel Steel
6 Rusty Pin Rusty Pin Rusty Pin Rusty Pin
7 Aluminum - - -
8 Lead Lead Lead Wood
9 Brass Lead Brass Brass
10 Steel Lead Steel Wood
11 Silicon Sulfuric Acid Tungsten Polymer
12 First Aid First Aid First Aid First Aid
13 Rusty Pin Lead Steel Wood
14 Blade Shard Blade Shard Blade Shard Blade Shard
15 Tungsten Glass Tungsten Tungsten
16 Glass Tungsten Glass Glass
17 Ration Ration Ration Ration
18 Steel Steel Steel Wood
19 Amber Lead Steel Amber
20 Aluminum Lead Steel Polymer
21 Aluminum Aluminum Steel Wood
22 Rusty Pin Rusty Pin Steel Rusty Pin
23 Titan Plate Titan Plate Titan Plate Titan Plate
A * - Lead - -
B * - Wood - -
C * - -

Shock Grenade **

D * - - - Wood
E * - - - Polymer

* Mission specific crates. All same letter crates contains the same materials.

** Only available in "The Snitch" Mission only.