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A material used in recipes.

Quality Titanium as an IngredientEdit

Quality Titanium is an ingredient in the following recipes:

  • Pony Gun
  • Helpful Troll Cannon
  • Scrub Lazor

Obtaining Quality TitaniumEdit

Quest: Material Recovery (Colonel)

Recommended method (as by top Google result)

Bring a C4 with you as well as Hoarder/Lucky Penny. Make a loop around the map starting with the long, upper hallway in the cloning facility. There are 7 terminators in this hallway. Make your way down the right tower killing the Armadillos along the way (great source of Quality Aramid) and back through the lower hallway. There are 4 terminators in the lower hallway and a chest with an Adamantite. The quest should take you about one full loop before the requirement of 2 adamantite is met. This quest should also yield you PLENTY of Quality Titanium for anything that may require it.

Quality Titanium is dropped by the following enemies:

    • Meanies (?)